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Promote industrial cluster development, enhance independent innovation capability of plastic pipe

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Hangzhou is located in China's overall economic strength of the strongest of the Yangtze River Delta, fast economic development, aluminum pipe has achieved 19 consecutive years of double-digit growth for five consecutive topped the "Forbes" PC cover "best commercial city in China List" list, in 2010, to get the first batch of "China (mainland) international image best city" title. According to the State Council, "the Yangtze River Delta Regional Planning", positioning for the completion of the Hangzhou high-tech industry base and an important international tourism and leisure center, the cultural and creative center, e-commerce center, a regional financial services center, with good policy, location, economic, industrial and ecological development environment, these are effective in promoting the improvement and development of semiconductor lighting industry in Hangzhou technical level industry provides favorable conditions.
Hangzhou semiconductor lighting industry after years of training has also been rapid development, and in 2009 was approved by the State Ministry of Science as "city of ten thousand" pilot cities and "national semiconductor lighting tech industrial base," and has formed a "extension - chip - package - Testing Equipment - phosphor - driver chips, power supply - applications "complete industrial chain. And in all key aspects are leading enterprises of a certain size, and have strong technical innovation ability, the past three years a total of 863 countries plan to undertake major projects related topics Semiconductor Lighting Project 5, 6 National Science and Technology Support Program, National Innovation Fund 16 provincial (municipal) major scientific and technological innovation and semiconductor lighting special more than 20, made ​​a number of important results and intellectual property. In the display with the epitaxial GaN-based blue and green chip manufacturing and testing equipment to occupy a leading position in the domestic advanced level in the development and production of high-power LED packaging, LED lighting applications, driver chip and drive power, agriculture, health care , equipment and other innovative applications in the field has also made some progress.
Industrial output in recent years has also been greatly improved. 2009, Hangzhou PC cover semiconductor lighting industry sales of nearly 2.5 billion yuan, in 2010 sales revenue reached 3.8 billion yuan. Many private enterprises also showed plenty of vigor, and some have been completed capital, talent, management and experience accumulated private enterprises began to seek new development, a number of large enterprise groups and venture capitalists have entered the LED industry.
In the existing industrial base, the future will be through Hangzhou, enhance independent innovation capability and promote industrial cluster development, to fight the industry in Hangzhou obvious characteristics, outstanding innovation, outstanding talent, leading a certain size has an important position in the international arena and competitive LED industry base. By 2015, the output value of the semiconductor lighting industry to achieve rapid growth, and strive to reach 30 billion yuan, nurture and develop more than 3 billion yuan annual output value of enterprises 2 to 3, the enterprise value of over 1 billion yuan of 5 to 10, aluminum pipe output ultra-billion enterprise 15 to 20, 5 to 10 foster domestic and international famous brands.

Hangzhou will focus on the future of the State Council to accelerate the important decisions to nurture and develop strategic emerging industries, seize the current favorable opportunity for the development of semiconductor lighting industry to enhance the capability of independent innovation and enhance industrial competitiveness as the main line, the development of semiconductor lighting industry as the transformation of economic Hangzhou development, industrial restructuring, foster the development of strategic emerging industries and create a green, low-carbon city an important starting point, through government guidance and demonstration, give full play the main role in creating an innovative, gathering, open and cooperative environment for industrial development promote the semiconductor lighting industry sound and rapid development, leading the fight in Hangzhou, has an important position and competitiveness of the international semiconductor lighting industrial bases.
First, adhere to innovation-driven. Enhance independent innovation capability is to nurture and develop emerging industries of strategic central link is the primary task and the first driving force Hangzhou semiconductor lighting industry through government guidance, the implementation of innovative leading strategy to increase the introduction of talent and team training, innovation integration of resources and investment in efforts to promote innovative materials, equipment, production process and product applications in areas such as scientific research to accelerate the pace of industrialization, the establishment of enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented, "production - learning - research - with" a combination technological innovation system, in order to lead the industry in innovation and development of technology.
Second, insist on a cluster linkage. In the current semiconductor lighting industry is facing fierce competition in the form of relying on industry structure has been formed in Hangzhou, the implementation of cluster development strategy, while continuing to consolidate and develop the LED epitaxial chip manufacturing, LED testing equipment manufacturing, high-power LED package, power LED power driver and other advantages, efforts to enhance the international competitiveness of industries at the same time, increase efforts in building Qianjiang economic Development Zone, attract, guide enterprises to gather Qianjiang Development Zone, to promote the LED industry, middle and downstream enterprises in the space reasonable distribution, strengthening the links between each other, forming a good corporate eco competing development, improve the overall level of the industry and improve the international competitiveness of the industry.
Third, insist on demonstration. Vigorously carry out demonstration projects, deepening the country "Ten City, ten thousand," semiconductor lighting application engineering pilot, Hangzhou, representative selection of new buildings, tunnels, subways, train stations and other public places, to concentrate on building a number of LED product demonstration area, carry LED lighting engineering, road lighting, indoor lighting demonstration work to strengthen the publicity and promotion of LED application products, the implementation of the principle of equal priority local products to create this large-scale real estate LED application platform and showcase platform to demonstrate and promote the application to application and development.
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