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Color tube product initiative to develop the market, build the core competitiveness

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Overcapacity in China's LED industry into the winter
Economic growth, coupled with government subsidies for MOCVD equipment have a large-scale, rapid expansion of LED chip industrial scale, but at the same time, increase application market is unsatisfactory. With the release of the second half of capacity, people have thought of this undercurrent overcapacity crisis.
For the current problem of excess production capacity appear crazy under LED industry investment, LED color tube packaging and lighting does not exist the problem of overcapacity. At present, the so-called excess capacity should be able to produce a surplus chips, but said the strict sense can not be considered excess chip capacity, which is the market growing demand. In the short term, the capacity to release faster, the market needs time to adapt and digest.
LED to become a pillar industry in the country, we must have the appropriate scale of the industry, expansion of industrial scale to provide the necessary conditions for the upstream chip production surge. For the entire LED industry, whether it is color tube lighting or other applications do not need to worry too much. For the industry into the winter to say, the entire industry is in a stage of development during the course of each industry is bound to experience, normal.
At the same time, stressed that a fair competitive environment is the key to market development. Under the current appearance of industrial prosperity, but also gives rise to many problems. Such as price wars, talent shortage, disorderly competition, duplication, product homogeneity and so on. Market economy has its own rules, too much government intervention in the industry, perhaps not a good thing. This is a perfectly competitive market, it is their ability to carry out rational allocation of resources, and to adjust the relationship between supply and demand and price.

LED large-scale development depends on product cost
Currently, when the civilian market for LED lighting blowout attention more on this, LED lighting applications will certainly be more extensive, more in-depth. Market share will be increasing, the trend is positive. And from last year's rate of expansion was acceptable. Should not be overlooked is participating enterprises more, competition is more intense.
LED into the civilian market, require a longer period of time. It is subject to various conditions of factors, such as price factors, the cost depends on whether the product has advantages, in addition to competition among the participants. For example, the traditional lighting of the enterprise, they want to slow down the pace of development of LED lighting, do not quickly enter the civilian market, this is bound to be competition for the two industries, and will bring some of the impact of competitive LED industry.
Rational Thinking initiative to develop market
As the largest in East China, the size of the top five domestic LED packaging company, has always been adhering to the "hard-working, honest, pragmatic, innovative" spirit of enterprise. Since its inception in 2004, the company in LED packaging, LED lighting and other applications have made great strides.
For experience in market development, and market demand out there, and will continue to grow. We do is very rational to consider this market, not speculative to do it, but to use a truly enjoying attitude towards work. If we are to do this speculative market, not only to make money, but also enable enterprises to live very difficult. Only really enjoy this thing, all the resources, all markets strategist, know their own core competitiveness of enterprises in which, in order to really go for development, there is no worry about the market. The universe would be rational to look at the development of color tube of the market, followed by the pace of the market, according to its own characteristics to develop competitive products, and actively explore the market. Thus, to cope with than the passive market much stronger.
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